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Adirondack-Aire PTAC series is a heavy-duty direct replacement a modular design unit where the chassis is a part of a complete system that consists of the chassis, blower section, heat section, heat section cradle, control box, wall sleeve, and outdoor louver.

The chassis contains the compressor, indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, condenser motor & fans, ventilation damper, heat damper, and refrigeration circuit controls.

Chassis is dimensionally identical to the original to fit the existing sleeve and room cabinet, and works with the original blower, heater, and control for a fast, easy, and trouble free chassis change-out. When blower, heater, or control box is to be replaced you must order the complete Adirondack-Aire 'replacement modules package'. Proven technology, quality components, careful design and testing, and the latest in reliability and efficiency advances assures long life, user satisfaction, and lower energy costs!


Features & Highlights

•  Heavy-Duty construction. Dimensionally identical to original chassis.
•  Exclusive Rust-Block corrosion protection
•  High efficiency PSC type fan motors w/built-in temperature protection
•  UL listed components and construction
•  Quiet, durable, and efficient compressor with built-in pressure & temperature protection
•  Heavy Gauge galvanized steel construction with powder coat painted condenser & evaporator pans

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Original Model Heat Pump Direct Replacement Model Specification Sheet* Installation / Operation Manual (IOM)*
 Carrier '50QT' Series Packaged Heat Pump Adirondack-Aire '5QT' '5QT Spec Sheet '5QT' IOM
 Magic Chef 'PWC' Series Packaged Heat Pump Adirondack-Aire 'PWC' 'PWC' Spec Sheet 'PWC' IOM

All Products Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Adirondack Aire, a trade name of Cold Point Corp.

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