Cold Point Corporation

A History of Hard Work and Quality

Cold Point Corporation was formed in January 1999 as a privately owned, closely held company with the purpose to manufacture replacement and niche market air conditioning and heat pump units.

Early market research identified an un-met market need for replacement water source heat pump units. Cold Point engineering, design, and manufacturing expertise uniquely positioned the company to take advantage of this opportunity. Throughout 1999 these sales opportunities were pursued. Products were designed and tested, a staff was hired, and the facility readied for production.

Late in 1999, the first big sales opportunity allowed for the launch of full-scale production. After meeting with the customer and delivery of several sample units, the first order of Cold Point units were produced and shipped to a housing complex near Nashville, Tennessee. Revenue from this project, along with secured financing, provided working capital for the company’s growth and helped establish Cold Point as a mainstream replacement unit manufacturer.

Over 20 years later, Cold Point Corporation is recognized industry-wide as the premier supplier of OEM style replacement units. Our heritage of hard work still exists throughout the company and drives the continuous improvement culture, a culture evident by our growth and expansion across the United States and Canada.