45 Chassis Series


The Adirondack-Aire 45 Series zerOzone chassis provides environment friendly, high efficiency cooling and heating where individual, quiet control is a priority. This application flexible unit is also a direct replacement for American Standard Type 45, Carteret Type 45, Remington/Singer Type 45, IslandAire 45, and RetroAire RC-10 chassis. The chassis is a part of a complete system, which consists of the chassis, wall sleeve, outdoor louver, room cabinet, and sometimes a heat section. The chassis contains the compressor, indoor and outdoor heat exchangers, fan motors and fans, and controls.

The 45 is dimensionally compatible with the original for a fast, easy, and trouble-free installation. Quality components, careful design and testing and the latest in environment friendly technology mean long unit life, user satisfaction, and lower energy costs. Consider the extensive list of standard features which includes: Rust-Block* corrosion protection system, evaporator freeze protection, pull handle, and high-pressure over protection. Adirondack-Aire is the replacement solution that the competition can't match. Cold Point Corp. backs the 45 with a customer friendly one-year parts and labor warranty and five-year compressor warranty, (see Warranty document for details).

* Rust-Block corrosion protection system consists of: Heavy gauge galvanized steel construction with powder paint finished condenser and evaporator pans; galvanized or aluminum condenser fan, stainless steel compressor and condenser motor studs; Magnaguard and/or stainless steel screws and fasteners.


Fast and Easy Replacement

The Adirondack-Aire 45 series zerOzone replacement chassis fits the existing wall sleeves and room cabinets without modification. Because the chassis dimensions and construction details are like the original, replacement work is fast and easy. A chassis pull handle is provided to facilitate easy removal and handling. Using Adirondack-Aire replacements eliminates the need for room and exterior wall renovation. The 45 series is the solution that gets your property back in service quickly and at the lowest total cost. Choose the optional room cabinet to give the unit a brand new look and improve room aesthetics.

Damage Protection

A premium feature usually found only in expensive commercial systems, the standard high-pressure switch and evaporator freeze protection stop unit operation before damage occurs, should airflow become reduced or obstructed due to dirty coils, obstructed airflow, or motor failure or lock up. A slinger condenser fan and draw-thru airflow pattern re-evaporates condensate and makes cleaning dirty coils easy. Condensate re-evaporation and the Rust-Block system assure a stain-free building exterior.

Options and Accessories

• Electric heat

• Control options

• Motorized fresh air

• 117V and 265/277V (availability varies by model size)