LS Slope Top Console Series

LR cabinet

The Cold Point LS series slope top console water source heat pump unit provides environment friendly, high efficiency, cooling and heating where individual, quiet control of space is a priority.

The LS series is designed with the growing renovation market in mind, making it an ideal choice for retrofit or new construction projects. The unit cabinet is powder-painted appliance-grade steel and includes an attractive extruded aluminum grille and control door.

The LS series has two chassis sizes, small (models 08, 10 and 12), and large (models 15 and 18). Quality components, careful design and testing, and the latest in environmentally friendly technology advances assure long life, user satisfaction, and lower energy cost.




Fast and Easy Replacement

Because the LS dimensions and construction details were established with retrofit projects in mind, replacement work is fast and easy. With the compact footprint and a cabinet height short enough to fit under window sills, the need for expensive room renovation, redecorating, or piping & wiring changes is eliminated. The LS Series is the solution that gets your property back in service quickly and at the lowest total cost.

Damage Protection

The standard high-pressure switch and evaporator coil freeze protection, in conjunction with the electronic control board, stops unit operation before damage occurs, should airflow become reduced or obstructed due to dirty filters, or motor failure. A freezestat protects the water coil from freeze damage due to low water temperature or flow problems. The water coil is designed for low water-side pressure drop, eliminating potential pump sizing and water flow problems. High efficiency compressors provide demonstrated reliability and low sound levels and reduce energy costs.

Field Reversible Cabinet and Chassis

The LS console system will allow you to field reverse the chassis and cabinet to accommodate your facilities water supply configuration. One system for both left and right hand water supply.

Options and Accessories

• Flow control valve

• Electric or hydronic heat

• Control options

• Valves and unions

• Line cords

• Boilerless

• Low temp option

• Hose kits

• Customer-specified custom features